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How dare you all say the things that you do about me!
Can’t handle the kids I have? Why the fuck do I take care of them every fucken day then; why do they have everything they need, always fed; always clean, why are they not smacked if I can’t handle them? Why do I still have them if I do? My house is messy? GUESS WHAT, my kids have the freedom to play; kids make a mess, I’m not going to spend all day everyday day cleaning when I can be spending the time with my growing children, they are never going to be this age again so why would I waste it? You’re never here to tell me what my house is like, so don’t you dare make a judgment about me if you aren’t going to say it to my face; I’m tired of people doing that. Don’t talk about me behind my back; got something to say, say it! If not, back the fuck out of my life, I’m tired of making the effort anyway.

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